Southern California Killifish Club February 2023 meeting summary

On Saturday February 25, Fish World in Ontario hosted the Southern CA Killifish Club’s monthly meeting. The club typically meets at members’ homes, and having the meeting at a local fish store brought strong turnout and new people to the club. I was happily surprised to meet new fish keepers who I did not recognize from the other large clubs in Southern California such as COAST and SCAPE.

The next meeting will be hosted by SCKC member Ray Van Veen, on Saturday March 25 at 6PM. If you are not on the club mailing list, please leave SCKC your contact information, or contact Ray at for an invitation.

The club will skip its regular meeting in April so members can attend the Southwest Aquarium Keepers Event (SAKE) on April 22, 2023.  SAKE is a large all-day freshwater fishkeeping convention near Phoenix, AZ.  Attendance is free and there will be lectures, multiple auctions, and a raffle.  Email with the information below to register for SAKE:

1. Your name
2. Any current aquarium club affiliation(s)
3. Current hometown (and state)

I am very thankful to Fish World in Ontario for hosting SCKC, and I look forward to working with Chris, the owner, to host future events for the aquarium community.

If you are looking for local fish clubs and aquarium societies in Southern California please check out the meetings and events happening in March 2023.

COAST Fish Club
Mar. 5th @ 12:00 PM
Fountain Valley Senior Center
17967 Bushard St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

San Diego Tropical Fish Society
Mar. 12th @ 6:00 PM
Balboa Park, San Diego
Casa de Prado Room 101

San Diego Killifish and Livebearer Group
Mar. 19th @ 10:30 AM
Boll Weevil at Lakeside, CA
9741 Winter Gardens Blvd
Lakeside, CA 92040

Southern CA Aquatic Plants Enthusiasts (SCAPE)
Mar. 25th @ 12:30 PM
St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church
6201 E. Willow St
Long Beach, CA 90815

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