Southern California Killifish Club February 2023 meeting summary

On Saturday February 25, Fish World in Ontario hosted the Southern CA Killifish Club’s monthly meeting. The club typically meets at members’ homes, and having the meeting at a local fish store brought strong turnout and new people to the club. I was happily surprised to meet new fish keepers who I did not recognizeContinue reading “Southern California Killifish Club February 2023 meeting summary”

Meeting Notes – February 19, 2022

Notes The club met at one of our member’s homes in Culver City. We discussed a fish-collecting trip in Cameroon. Killifish species exchanged Old World killifish Aphyosemion (7 species) Chromaphyosemion (3 species) Epiplatys (1 species) Nothobranchius (5 species) Fundulopanchax (4 species) Callopanchax (1 species) Pachypanchax (1 species) New World killifish Austrolebias (1 species) Rivulus (1Continue reading “Meeting Notes – February 19, 2022”